Aqua Training Bruiser Bag 160lb

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The Aqua Bruiser Bag The Aqua Bruiser Bag is a body opponent bag that closely resembles the feel of a human punching bag when striking it. It is made with the same durability and materials as the original Aqua Punching Bag so blast away!

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How to Fill Your Aqua Bruiser Bag With Water

With a Phillips head screw driver remove the valve plug.

Once you have removed the valve plug, attach the hose attachment to your hose.

Before starting the water, place the tip of the hose attachment into the hole of the Aqua Bruiser Bag.

When you have filled the desired amount of water, shut the water off and remove the hose attachment.

Place the valve plug back into the bag and tighten with the Phillips head screw driver until snug.

Top off head with air using a hand pump that has a needle.

Other Attributes:

UV Resistant


Safe for Outdoor Use in Rain or Shine

Made in the USA


Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 58.42 × 33.02 × 86.36 cm


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