Glute Ham Developer

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A comprehensive and inclusive machine for optimally developing the posterior chain. British built, mild steel construction with durable custom upholstery.

Innovative adjustable pad design offers numerous activity positions in addition to the traditional Glute Ham Bench exercises.

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Pad can be rotationally adjusted to 1 of 8 positions, allowing the athlete optimal positioning for multiple exercises including abdominal and posterior chain work.

• Custom upholstery and pads for maximum comfort and support.

• Wide foot plate allowing for a variety of foot positions.

• Footplate mounted bars for band assistance or to hold on to when performing other exercises.

• 6 front positioned band pegs to add band resistance to an exercise.

• 2 steps for easy access into the machine.

• Intuitive, simple adjustment mechanisms throughout.

• Horizontal foot plate adjustment with 20 increments.

• Independent roller sets with vertical adjustment, allowing for a precise fit to the athlete.

• Front barbell rack to allow easy loading and barbell use during exercises.

• Front grab handles combined with large rear wheels provide easy mobility.

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Dimensions 180 × 81 × 115.5 cm

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