Rev2 CrossFit Jump Rope

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No limit…..Records broken.

Rev2 turns at Super Speed up to 7+ revolutions per second. O-ring swivel bearing system creates tangle-free turning and natural arc of the rope. You can perform easy Double, Triple, Quadruple, and Quintuple Unders.

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– Injection molded Nylon resin handles w/O-ring swivel bearing system
– Dual-core micro precision cartridge filled bearings for super smooth rotation
– Neoprene foam grips for extra comfort
– Standard 10ft long 1/16” thick Stainless Steel (SS304) wire
– Fully adjustable to the desired length, adjust with normal cutting pliers
– Comes with its own carrying bag
Pack Content:
1N- Fully assembled 10′ standard Rev2 Un-Coated 1.6 Speed Rope
1N- Jump Rope Carry Pouch
2N- Adjustable Key
2N- Collar screws
*NOTE: Jump Ropes are not intended for use on hard/abrasive/concrete floor. To maximize the life of your jump rope, train on Wood flooring or Rubber/PVC jump rope mat.
*Warning: This cable will leave a mark if you miss.


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